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CES 2014 | Samsung H6400 Series Smart TV | Full HD 1080p LED TV | UN55H6400, UN60H6400, UN65H6400

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Samsung H6400 Series Review: http://www.smartreview.com/tag/samsung-h6400-3d-series

SmartReview.com attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) to report on the latest TVs at Samsung. The Full HD 1080p line H6400 Series model has a flat screen with LED backlighting and Microdimming. This TV has excellent picture quality. It is Samsung's lowest priced 3D TV. This model also comes with the Smart Touch remote, that allows you to use the remote as a mouse/pointer, as well as voice commands. This TV can also use the optional skype camera for Skype and other applications that require a camera.

The H6400 series TV is loaded with the latest Smart TV features and built-in WiFi. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, Quad Core Pro Processor, Instant on, Samsung Apps, and an APP feature called SmartView 2.0 (shares TV content with smartphones and tablets). The Smart Touch remote works great with the Smart Features and Web Browser. All of the most popular apps are available such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Youtube, ESPN and more.

The Samsung H6400 Series is available in 40-inch (UN40H6350), 48-inch (UN48H6400), 50-inch (UN50H6400), 55-inch (UN55H6400), 60-inch (UN60H6400), and 65-inch (UN65H6400) sizes.

For the latest top rated HDTVs and 4K TV Reviews: http://www.smartreview.com/hdtv-buying-guide

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