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How to setup your TV - Philips Smart TV [2017]

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Все видео пользователя: Philips TV.
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The information in this video applies to the following Philips TV series: 4032, 5102, 5302, 5362, 6102, 6162, 6202, 6262, 6272, 6412, 8502

Model numbers under the 4032 series:

24PFS4032/12; 24PFS4032/60; 24PFT4032/12; 24PFT4032/60; 24PHG4032/77; 24PHS4032/12; 24PHS4032/60; 24PHT4032/05; 24PHT4032/12; 24PHT4032/60; 32PHS4032/12; 32PHS4032/60; 32PHT4032/05; 32PHT4032/12; 32PHT4032/60

Model numbers under the 5102 series:

32PHG5102/77; 32PHG5102/78; 32PHT5102/56; 32PHT5102/71; 32PHT5102/79; 32PHT5102/98; 32PHT5102S/98; 43PFG5102/77; 43PFG5102/78; 43PFT5102/56; 43PFT5102/71; 43PFT5102/79; 43PFT5102/98; 43PFT5102S/98; 49PFG5102/77; 49PFG5102/78; 49PFT5102/71

Model numbers under the 5302 series:

32PHS5302/12; 32PHT5302/12; 43PFS5302/12; 43PFT5302/12; 49PFS5302/12

Model numbers under the 5362 series:

32PFS5362/12; 32PFT5362/12

Model numbers under the 6102 series:

43PUG6102/77; 43PUG6102/78; 50PUG6102/55; 50PUG6102/77; 50PUG6102/78; 50PUN6102/61; 50PUT6102/56; 50PUT6102/71; 50PUT6102/79; 50PUT6102/98; 50PUT6102C/71; 50PUT6102S/98; 55PUG6102/77; 55PUG6102/78; 55PUN6102/61; 55PUT6102/56; 55PUT6102/71; 55PUT6102/79; 55PUT6102/98; 55PUT6102C/71; 55PUT6102S/74; 55PUT6102S/98

Model numbers under the 6162 series:

43PUS6162/05; 43PUS6162/12; 43PUT6162/12; 43PUT6162/60; 49PUS6162/12; 49PUT6162/12; 49PUT6162/60; 50PUS6162/05; 50PUS6162/12; 50PUT6162/12; 55PUS6162/05; 55PUS6162/12; 55PUT6162/12; 55PUT6162/60; 65PUS6162/05; 65PUS6162/12; 65PUT6162/12; 65PUT6162/56; 65PUT6162/79; 65PUT6162/98; 65PUT6162S/98

Model numbers under the 6262 series:

43PUS6262/05; 43PUS6262/12; 43PUT6262/12; 49PUS6262/05; 49PUS6262/12; 49PUT6262/12; 50PUS6262/05; 50PUS6262/12; 50PUS6262/60; 50PUT6262/12; 55PUS6262/05; 55PUS6262/12; 55PUS6262/60; 55PUT6262/12; 65PUS6262/05; 65PUS6262/12; 65PUT6262/12

Model numbers under the 6272 series:

50PUS6272/05; 50PUS6272/12; 55PUS6272/05; 55PUS6272/12

Model numbers under the 6412 series:

43PUS6412/12; 49PUS6412/12; 55PUS6412/12; 65PUG6412/55; 65PUG6412/77; 65PUG6412/78; 65PUS6412/12; 65PUT6412/71; 65PUT6412C/71;

Model numbers under the 8502 series:

75PUG8502/77; 75PUG8502/55


More support information available on http://www.philips.com/TVsupport

Disclaimer: this video is for information purposes only and is not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. Your TV and accessories may differ in size or model from the TV shown in the video. Please consult your User Manual for a detailed description of the unpacking, installation and set-up of the TV and accessories. No rights can be derived from this video. Philips, the shield emblem and the brand line 'innovation and you' are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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