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Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold: кто круче?

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Мы побывали на презентации Huawei Mate X и решили сравнить его с Galaxy Fold. Какой из них круче? И (при наличии денег) какой купить?

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Hello! Sunny Barcelona, MWC. Sea over there.. We attended the Huawei presentation with joy, where the first comfortable folding smartphone was shown. Huawei calls it the fastest folding smartphone with 5G support. Because Samsung showed Mate X before. And somehow after that everybody forgot about Samsung, but in vain. Both gadgets are interesting in their own way. Today we’re going to compare Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold. Because Huawei sealed the smartphone under showcase after the presentation. We weren’t allowed to use it, but we saw it. We were shocked, honestly, because this thing is fantastic for 2019..

It provokes to use and to hold it in my own hands. So we’re going to talk about these smartphones today..

Find out which is better. Watch this video till the end and like if you prefer Huawei, and dislike if you prefer Galaxy Fold. By that we can find out which smartphone is prefered by viewers the most. Also, there is the third smartphone made by TCL in form of TCL Foldable prototype, but we’re not gonna talk about it, cuz, firstly, it’s a prototype. Secondly, it happens to be not so cool as Samsung Galaxy, so let us have 2 amazing gadgets. Which one I’d like to use I’ll say at the end, so let’s start with Samsung. Galaxy Fold costs $1980! It’s almost $ 2,000, and for this money, besides it’s a folding smartphone, we have: LPDDR4X 12 GB RAM, and UFS 3.0 512 GB ROM. There’s not gonna be 5G support in this version, sadly, but 5G model will come out and it will cost more expensive..

The price is unknown, but the good this is that Galaxy Fold is going to be sold in Russia..

Inside Mate X we have just 8 GB RAM and the same 512 GB ROM,.

But it has 5G support, and it’s going to be launched in Europe in May..

We’re going to talk about it separately. Maybe we will come here. Of course we will record it and show how it works. Because downloading a huge YouTube video or some file in one second is possible. And it is cool! It costs € 2300 - around 170,000 rub..

40,000 rub more expensive than Samsung. Let’s investigate is it worth or not. First of all we’ll see into their hardware, cuz technically they were made differently, but audience is the same - rich people who want a smartphone and a tablet at the same time,.

And companies made it exactly for them, the these people would think: “How can I spend more than $ 2,000?” I’m also in wait when I could use at least one of these gadgets and could answer “Yes, it’s useful” or “No, It’s not useful”. So, Galaxy Fold. In folded state we got 4.6 inch display,.

Size is bigger than iPhone XS Max, but the screen is almost the same as in IPhone 7..

Sounds weird, right? But the display is definitely good: aspect ratio is 21:9, HD+ resolution, SuperAMOLED matrix, but what we got when we open the smartphone: 7.3 inch screen with 3.2:4 aspectratio, so it’s almost as big as in 11 inch iPad Pro..

And its resolution is strange, it’s called QXGA+, numerically it is 1536:2152 pixels. Of course, this is also SuperAMOLED and an excellent matrix. But you shouldn’t forget that the Galaxy Fold has a notch in the open corner: there are hidden cameras, and in my opinion, this is not a justified step, because Why do I need a camera tablet in front? It was possible to embed 3D recognition on the front part, since there is plenty of space for this. Why is it for the tablet - honestly, I do not understand. In any case, it looks futuristic, but not very. The device runs on Android Pie. One UI, everything is optimized, everything looks cool. Mail application - convenient, open the browser - surprisingly convenient! In my opinion it will be comfortable to use, but this is a guess. What the actual operating experience will show in the future. What things we are still interested in: of course, this is a battery (how long does a smartphone live) and thickness (how convenient it is to put it in your pocket). As for the battery in the Fold: there are 2 of them in the total amount of 4380 mAh..

In theory, should be enough for a half to two days of work, if not often use it as a tablet..

As for the thickness, in the unfolded state is 6.9 mm - not bad. But in the folded straight trouble -17 mm, it is thicker than the iPhone X with a battery cover..

And I have no idea how to put it in your pocket. Okay, when unfolded, it is convenient to use, but with such a thickness - I do not know ... What you forgot to note: inside there will be a 7 nm processor from Qualcomm. Model unknown..

Perhaps Samsung is deciding what to put there. The 855th Snapdragon, or there will be some exclusive 856th with 5G support..

I don't know. Perhaps the 860th. We'll see in April, because in April the smartphone will begin to be sold. Plus, there is a fast charge, but the exact figures are also not disclosed. Also, buyers will be available YouTube Premium subscription as a gift. Well, we forgot to tell you about the cameras - there are many of them here: 10 MP front, triple camera main 16 + 12 + 12 from the back of the phone..

In the open mode of the device, there are two more: 10 + 8. Only six cameras: one front-facing camera in front, behind the triple camera, and another double inside..

How the camera shoots is unknown. There is no sample on hand. But I do not think that there is any doubt that there will be a camera at the level of the Galaxy S10..

Because after all, a smartphone is expensive and it’s worth hoping for. Now let's talk about Huawei Mate X. Here everything is much more interesting. Because there is only one display, but it can work in three positions. When folded, this is a 6.6-inch smartphone with almost no frame: neither top, nor bottom, nor left, nor right. A cool big frameless smartphone is already a huge plus in comparison with Samsung..

Its resolution is 2480 by 1148 points. And the ratio is more familiar - 19,5:9 In this case, you get another display with a strange aspect ratio - 25:9..

The display is very elongated. The resolution is 2480 by 892 pixels. It is not really needed, but useful for three things, in my opinion: the first is to create a selfie, the second is the display of time and notifications, well, and the third if you photograph someone, then a person can see how you do it. That is, you are taking pictures, and what is happening in the camera is displayed from behind. Comfortable for me. And for you? And now we open the device and get an 8-inch tablet with a ratio of 7,1:8..

That is almost square. The resolution is 2480 at 2200 points, and most importantly - without the notch!.

Convenient, practically borderless. Unfortunately, all this has one thing, let's say, a small drawback: thickening in one part of the smartphone when you open it into the tablet. On the one hand, it is ugly. On the other hand, you can grab this thickening. In principle, it is convenient: there are all the hardware including the processor. Inside is a Kirin 980 with a 5G module called Bolong 5000..

Huawei calls it the fastest 5G module among all existing ones. The phone has no problems with autonomy: two batteries, in the amount of 4,500 mAh, but most importantly, the kit includes a fast charging SuperCharge 55 watts..

Phone charging up to 85% ... how long will it take? 30 minutes. Once again, I remind you: 4000 mAh in 30 minutes is very cool. There are three cameras here. Located in this thickened part, like everything else. Huawei didn’t really say what kind of cameras they are and how they shoot. Leica has been involved in camera production. But to doubt that they will be good is not worth it. Most likely at the level of Mate 20 Pro, maybe better. In general, let's see how the market responds to THIS. Now about the start of sales. Let's start with the Galaxy Fold. A unique device will appear on store shelves on April 26th. Will be sold officially in 10 countries and that is the most pleasant and unusual - in Russia as well..

The price is two thousand dollars. I think that in Russia it will be even more. As a gift to the device is YouTube Premium subscription. There will be 4 colors to choose from. Huawei Mate X will go on sale from mid-2019 - there is no exact date. Perhaps at the end of the summer, we really hope tho. In Russia, the phone will not be officially sold. At least the official representation told us so. A special case made for this design comes as a gift. What can be said in the end? Galaxy Fold, on the one hand, has exact release dates, will be sold in Russia,.

With a small screen on the other hand, 17 mm thick. I understand that having extra two thousand dollars on hand, I would not buy this device. Even now it is obvious. We will do a full review, we will use. But it looks strange to me. Another device - Huawei, without an exact date of sale, much more expensive, but it is clear that much more steeply done..

And it is clear that this device can be used as an ordinary smartphone, which when unfolding turns into a tablet. Plus a very fast charge. And in general - one screen from a technical point of view is much more practical for the user. Of course cheaper for the manufacturer. Yes, of course, not without drawbacks. In the unfolded mode there is a huge thickening. But for 2019, this is quite an excellent solution. Despite the misunderstandings with dates and with other moments, the Chinese won this battle..

Another point is, of course, the creases on the screen. How will it look after time? What does it look like? Will there be a jumper when the smartphone is folded? Unknown. Of course, you need to appeal already specific experience. On both devices we’ll make reviews. And we will say whether they have the right to exist. But now I just know that Huawei Mate X is more interesting to me. I want to use this device. Well, the Samsung. Just see what they did there. What else to say... I remind: like if you prefer Huawei device and dislike, if you prefer Samsung. So find out which side is true. Bye everyone!

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