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Смартфон на 18 000 мАч — Energizer

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Смотрим на Energizer Power Max P18K Pop: смартфон с батареей на 18 000 мАч, выдвижной камерой и безрамочным экраном. Сколько он может работать?

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Interstep Hello! Today we are looking at an extremely unusual smartphone. which definitely won't need a powerbank for re-charge, guys from Interstep, forgive us, we understand that you are the general sponsor of Rozetked at this exhibition, but not in this case..

Energizer showed a smartphone with 18,000 mAh batteries, It is almost two centimeters thick and weighs more than 400 grams, called the Power Max P18 K Pop..

Just compare the thickness of the iPhone XS Max, while it is in the case. I understand why you need such a smartphone, but I do not have a single friend to whom it would be useful, if you have any, then write about it in the comments or just like that video if you have such friends. The funny thing is that the battery is not the main advantage of this smartphone, here is a completely frameless screen..

No notches or drops, 18:9, matrix Full HD+, IPS, in general, an excellent display, I don't even know what to say..

Look again how it looks in comparison with the iPhone XS Max, to understand its size, before we talk about charge time and battery consumption, let's look at two more things: the fingerprint scanner on the side on the right side works well, but most importantly, the motorised pop-out camera is the same as in the Vivo NEX,.

By the way, the camera is pretty good 12 + 2 megapixels. It looks unusual. Behind there are three cameras 12 + 5 + 2 megapixels, cameras shoot at medium level, you should not expect quality Pixel 3 from them, but in general the cameras are adequate..

What else is inside: FM-radio, Bluetooth 5.0, Mediatek Helio P70, 6 GB of RAM,.

128 built-in memory and everything runs on Android Pie. Of course, it does not work quickly, because the P70 is not the most powerful processor, but nevertheless, everything is fine..

There is also a hybrid slot, you can put two nano-sim-cards, or a card and a MicroSD. Type-C is below speaker, microphone, but they forgot to put miniJack 3.5, although it was possible to install FDD at that size, right? But USB-A would be useful to charge other gadgets, on the other hand, there is a Type-C and you can charge other gadgets with it. Battery life. In stand-by mode, it can last 50 days… that is, put it on the shelf and it works..

Call 90 hours without a break: - "Hello! I have an Energizer" And watch videos for two days without a break! Madness! That is, in any case, you can use the full power for 3-4 days. Well, of course, it also charges for a long time - 9 hours. What else should be noted? Appearance! Front and rear glass, looks nice (for a device in a thickness of 2 cm),.

Selling will begin in June at a price of about 600 euros. Many have noted that the price is "ok", but as for me it's a little expensive ... In general, the device is very heavy and thick, but I think it will find its buyer.

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