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How to fix LED TV Black Screen No Backlight Problem : TV disassembly and Easy fixing method !!

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Repair step by step :


to buy single part led with sticker see this links :



Tools i use :

- Hot air gun fixing in 320 °C

- Soldering iron made Facom 32 watt

- Flux paste Amtec

today we fix led tv samsung 32 inch ,

the tv have sound but no image , black screen ,

problem in backlight , one led is defective .

i show you how you can fix it with easy and simple methode without changing all led strip !!

if you don't like this method and you see that's not professional you can buy all the strip led (big cost), and after a while the tv break down!!.

this video is for people who can not invest a lot of money to repair their television.

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thanks for you all :)

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