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Unboxing The Mind Bending Wallpaper TV...

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The LG Wallpaper TV is the thinnest display I've ever seen or held. It's thinner than a smartphone and I can easily pick up the 65-inch! It uses LG's OLED technology so you've got super dark blacks, vibrant colors and the overall picture quality you've come to expect from OLED. Because the Wallpaper TV is so thin it connects to an external sound bar speaker for power and video connections. The speaker is louder than standard TV speakers and features Dolby Atmos capabilities.

LG Signature OLED TV W product page - http://geni.us/UnboxW7US...

LG Signature OLED TV W on Amazon - http://geni.us/UnboxW7a...


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What did you really do what do you got a fancy juice over there looks tasty though man it looks good we need you down here we got a big TV apparently otherwise known as wallpaper it is that time that we will change the landscape of TVs forever because today Willy do.

This is the signature the W TV OLED from.

Algae wallpaper you never heard about wallpaper before the a plaster it on the wall you stuck it there instead of painting we see that kind of wallpaper just wouldn't be suitable for an environment like this for a bunch of tech savages like us so what do you say Willie do do we crack into this box or what do we take this thing out or what don't we hang it on the wall or what.

Let's go and then pull down then they.

Come off like this.

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho oh that's the TV right. There oh man that slim it has been done.

The wallpaper TV lives look at this beautiful set up over here as it blends in with the picture frames and in fact this far thinner than any of those images we have on the wall and of course far more vibrant as well this thing is thin it is crazy thin let me show you the side of it here that pen is what twice as thick as the TV it's honestly kind of bizarre at first when you look at this thing and certainly when you pick it up as well it's like it's actually flexible to a certain degree and because of that the important components are housing this unit right here this speaker unit so not only do you end up with better sound than what you would traditionally have on a flat panel TV but all your HDMI USBs and so on are housed in here and then a single cable connects the two of them video signal and power will travel through this flat cable right here.

So it is a 4k panel of course it's OLED from LG that's kind of their thing now I've been using their products for a while you've probably heard me speak about OLED it has attributes unlike any other TV tech I mean the dark blacks right the bright whites the contrast the saturated colors basically kind of attached itself magnetically me and and will do we just kind of like lined it up and it was like boom and of course it's a smart TV as well so you got everything built in YouTube that's what we're watching this on right now these are firing upwards that's why those speaker grilles look the way they do it's bouncing off the surface there it's got a real virtual surround sound effect this thing here is more optimized for that virtual surround kind of scenario now wait that's some NASA footage tell you what Oh Lee look at.

That oh my what is that the Sun solar flares can you Jack the vibrance look at.

The difference between the black and the bright spot that's completely pitch black comparatively pixel for pixel that's can.

An image does an image get better than that I mean where do we go from here are we just transplanted there that.

Would be too much work I think this TV costs around 27 dollars a year to run and I'm in Austria right now where are you you're not not sure Jack's obviously not in Austria even know where that is all right guys so what can I say it's a TV that's thinner than a pen it's about as thin as I can imagine a TV being if you haven't looked at an OLED panel before your eyes will be impressed I guarantee it just do it if you don't believe me there's no stand for it at all it's got to be slapped on the wall but then again with a name like wallpaper and then design this thin what would you be doing putting on a stand anyway huge shout out to LG for hooking this up because take a look at the space now it's finally coming together this place a bit of disaster then we got this and it was like hey let's let's wrap it up so now this entire space look at it. Place to hang out get a massage travel.

To some other planet or Austria it's all. Happening here now

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