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The craziest Samsung TV ever! CES 2019

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- So it is CES 2019 and the first thing that we are checking out today, we are in the Samsung booth, and we will be checking out their new QLED TV. They've got an 8K television that they've announced, a 98-inch television and it is so amazing. They also announced a 75-inch micro-LED television which is modular, so basically you can customize this thing to be any size, any ratio, and so far, it is one of my highlights..

Limited edition 98-inch QLED 8K TV that they announced, I know, everyone's hyped. They also have a 65, a 75, an 82, and 85. If the 98 isn't gonna fit in your space, that's okay, there's other options. And speaking of TVs not fitting in your space, the 75-inch micro-LED TV that they announced is incredible. It's modular so you can basically make it any size, any ratio, upscale, you don't have to worry about screen resolution because it can be whatever you want it to be. We need to go find those immediately. Right now we are heading into Samsung's First Look event. I've actually never been to one of these before, so I'm super excited, I know they have some really fun things for us to check out, so, that being said, let's go check it out. (curtain dropping) (lights clicking) (exciting music).

They just finished up the announcement, and one of the highlights, obviously, was the new 75-inch micro-LED TV that they announced and the wall was a huge hit last year at CES, but now it is even bigger and better, because you can basically configure this thing to be any size that you want. Your content can basically scale, so you can make 4K, 8K, 10K, whatever K you want, you can do that with the micro-LED modular system. They have it play. So behind me is a really good example of how this modular system works. So they kind of have these moving panels that just connect back and forth, and they just seamlessly integrate into whatever it is that you're watching. So when they said that the ratio size doesn't matter, like these possibilities really are endless. There's one that has the panels that are just all vertical that are moving up and down. They have this one that is moving side to side. There's also a guy over here doing a demo of showing you how easy it is to get these things connected in one thing. (fun music).

Do I look majestic, Jenna? - Wow. - This. Is. The wall. This is so amazing, because it can really honestly be whatever you want it to be: any size, any ratio, anything, like it can be like this big, or it can be this big! (music playing on TV) (car on TV squealing) Look who it is! - Hey! - A supersaf hey! - I'm just hanging around near the wall. - Do you think that we can fit this in our bag? - I think we should try. - Okay. - I think we should try, we can probably get it through Customs. - Well, I don't have to go through Customs, - Oh, I see. - So we can keep them in my house. - Yeah if we just keep it at your house, just cover one wall. - What do you think? Like, is this the future? Like, modular televisions? - My Q-LED does look like the future, - Yeah. - And if you look at the quality of it, the colors, the viewing angles, it's pretty sick. - I mean you can actually be anywhere, - Yeah. - and it still looks incredible. - And you can be 21 by nine, you can be 16 by nine, - I love it so much. Oh my goodness. Okay, let's go see some more things! (music on TV starts) Just kidding. - I'm just gonna stay here. - Me too. Let's just stay right here. - Just kneel like this. - This is actually crazy. Whoa!! Wow!! This is better than any rollercoaster I've ever been on. I think I need a photo for my Instagram. (slow, mysterious music).

This is super fascinating, because this demo here is showing you how it would use AI in upscaled content. So, content that is not ready for 8K televisions, but are able to use that AI and take anything shot in, for example, I'm shooting this in 4K, are able to use AI and upscale that to 8K so it'll look fantastic on these screens. Bees! This is so amazing because I don't shoot in 8K and this kinda gives me hope, because if you do have an 8K television, obviously the stuff that I'm shooting is not yet 8K, but, this 4K content will be upscaled and it'll still look amazing. (funky, spacey music playing) So this is the quantum processor 8K, and this is what basically makes everything happen. Our AI upscaling, our AI streaming technology, our AI content, the connectivity, and our AI sound. One of the things that I love about Samsung is they are making the television sort of the hub of your home. With Family Hub, especially, they want it to be a place that you can go in to connect, watch TV. And now, you can make that TV be as subtle or as not subtle as you want. This is the frame, it's art, right here, it says right there: TV when it's on, art when it's off. That's an actual painting. This is, wait, is this a TV? I think this is a TV. I just got tricked. (laughing) I thought this was, 'cause some of these, look, this is a painting, this is a TV. Are you a TV? That's a TV. This is a painting. Okay, if I can't even tell what's what, they're doing a really great job. (funky music playing) The huge announcement that happened here at CES is Apple and Samsung are now partnering together, so you will be able to watch iTunes movies and TV shows on your Samsung Smart TV, and that's not it. You'll also be able to use AirPlay too, so you can send things from your iOS or your macOS devices to your Smart TV. And this is kind of crazy, I know, I was just as in shock as you are when I heard that announcement. But I am so excited about it. (upbeat music) So behind me is the QLED 8K. This is the 98-inch version and this thing is absolutely massive. Let's get a little closer. I need a size comparison of my body compared to this thing..

So it's pretty big. (fun music).

Oh, look who I just ran into. - Oh, hey there. - CES 2019, bud. - Fancy meeting you here. - So how many CESs have you been to? - So this is nine for me. - My first was in 2011. - Oh, I think I beat you by one! - So, I think you might've. The wall is so - Oh it's literally a wall - Beautiful. It really is. I just ran into saf, and we were trying to figure out how we could take it off of this wall and put it on our walls. - I would go into debt to build a house to fit the wall. - That's what I said too! - I'd be like, you know what, it's worth it. - It's incredible, but it can be any size, so you know, you can maybe make it a little smaller. - Yeah but it has to be that size. - It does. Wow. - It's gotta be like that, and giant, and I wanna play games on it, and love it, and I wanna sleep next to it, and I wanna name it Fred. - Can you imagine gaming on Fred? - Oh man. - So cool! - I would probably have less reason to leave the house than I do now. - That's true. I would never want to leave. So the marriage of television and AI is something that is so fascinating to me, because a lot of the future is moving towards AI tech. And there's another thing called Universal Guides, so based on your current subscriptions that you have, they'll be able to determine what you might want to watch. And I'm so excited about the future, and it's crazy because the future is actually here now. So thank you guys so much for checking out this video. I look forward to showing you some more things that I see at CES. Let me know if there's anything else that you'd like me to check out while I'm here. And a huge thank you to Samsung for partnering with me on this video, because I absolutely have loved everything that I've seen, and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. Wink wink, am I winking? I'm not, am I winking? I think I'm winking. - You're trying. - I'm trying. Alright, I'll see ya later. (fun music playing)

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