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Обзор 43" телевизоров SONY 2018 с 4K и Smart TV

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Все видео пользователя: Ed Tchoi.

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В мире телевизоров технологии уверенно переходят на 4К разрешение. Раньше оно было исключительно на гигантских экранах с соответствующими ценниками.Сегодня его можно встретить на Sony KD43XF7005BR и Sony KD43XF7005BR по оптимальной цене:

0:27 - Дизайн

0:50 - Крепление на стену

0:57 - Габариты

0:59 - Экран

1:53 - Звук

2:29 - Разъемы

2:46 - Смарт ТВ

3:37 - Итоги

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Музыка: Levente Maneas - Cribs 60

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In the world of television technology confidently moving to 4K resolution. It used to be exclusively on giant screens with corresponding price tags. Today you can meet him on here are these 43 inch devices at the best price. Good news model 43XF70 can be won but more on that later. Both TVs from the company Sony 2018 release, you can say quite fresh. In appearance, the models are very similar: slim body, low key frames, matte screens with anti-glare effect. In short, look quite stylishly. Thanks to neat legs panels can be placed on a small pedestal. At the same time between them is enough places to put soundbar. Also, the TV can be fixed on the wall using a wall mounting weight 100x200 mm. Dimensions TVs absolutely the same. We turn to the main - the screen. Before us are two devices with LED display. Matrix resolution is 3840x2160 pixels, or 4K..

Devices supplemented by improvers Live Color Images. Algorithm technology is working the depth of each color separately. Images look realistic, with a wide color range and good contrast. Yes, and the viewing angles are also not pumped up. In two options works proprietary Motionflow technology Xr. For XF7596 - at a frequency of 400 Hz, and for XF7005 - 200 Hz..

This is enough to display dynamic scenes without failures and loops. Several are supported HDR formats, including HDR10 and HLG. The processor is responsible for this. 4K X-Reality PRO. He is in real time processes the picture and improves display quality every detail. Now let's talk about sound accompanied by. In these devices, 2 dynamics of total power 20 watts. Dolby Digital supported and DTS. Fans of Youtube videos will appreciate the ClearAudio + technology, which restores and clears the sound, and S Force Front Surround creates a virtual 3-D sound, especially it will be noticeable when viewing movies. Although the system in two models looks like on TV 43XF75 better sound. For a medium sized room The sound is the most. If you have already prepared speaker system or game console then in devices more than enough connectors and ports for connection. In each one of the composite connector, LAN, audio output, mini-jack and 3 USB. The 43XF70 has 3 HDMI ports. And at 43XF75 - 4. But the key difference between the two models - different operating system. The 43XF70 is an updated smart platform. from Sony with a browser, online movie theaters,.

Services as well as fast access to Youtube separate button. And in the 43XF75 already advanced Android TV with application store..

Traditionally for Sony - the last version. Model 43XF75 allows you to use voice search, and - typical for Android TV - from any application. For example, say the name film, and the system itself will offer a couple of options where is it You can immediately see. Also supports technology Google Cast. Which means that in a couple clicks can be broadcast video, photo, any application from your smartphone to television. And of course Android TV offers huge in comparison with a regular smart tv - the number of games and services. Let's sum up. If you are looking for TV with a great picture, 4K and smart tv then pay attention to these two devices. We recommend to pay extra and enjoy advanced smart features android Tv And now about the rally. Model 43XF70 you can win! Follow the link in description in our blog, follow simple terms and conditions participation. Write comments like you 4K by 43 inch Sony, subscribe, put huskies and press the bell. Also be sure to see “Review of wireless acoustics Sony ”and“ MWS 2018: new Sony ”. Until!

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