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TrigJig UK Coving and Skirting Tool Set - Digital Mitre - Unboxing

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Все видео пользователя: Daniel.

We need to put up some coving and cut various skirting pieces so decided to make life a bit easier and purchase two new British made innovate products made by a company called TrigJig and decide to go for the set which includes both the TrigJig Coving Tool and TrigJig Skirting tool, not cheap but well worth the time saved. These were purchased directly from trigjig.co.uk, ordering was really easy and they came the next day which is fantastic service and what you would expect really being the type of tool it is and the industry it's aimed at.

If you are thinking about purchasing yourself then hopefully this video gives you an idea of what you can expect, this is only an unboxing video and doesn't show us using the tool because of there are plenty of videos already out there but not really any showing what you get etc.

The tools come very well packaged and are in good quality cases, they even threw in a battery which lets you get started and there's an in-depth instruction manual. So far so good... You can buy the tools from places like Screwfix but they didn't have both hence why we went direct.

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