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JVC LT-32C461 32" LED TV - White | Product Overview | Currys PC World

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SHOP the JVC LT-32C461 32"" LED TV - White: http://po.st/rEZWw8

Learn more about the JVC LT-32C461 32"" LED TV.

Watch your favourite shows and movies on this great value JVC LED TV. The LED screen offers great clarity as LED backlighting greater contrast for brighter whites and deeper blacks. Providing you with a clear view of the action on screen and a more realistic picture. With a built-in Freeview HD tuner, you can access over 60 standard digital channels and over 25 radio stations as well as 12 channels in high definition quality. Keep your family entertained, subscription free and without any additional devices. DTS TruSurround HD audio delivers virtual surround sound via your two 8 W internal TV speakers. You can fully immerse yourself in the action on screen and bring your favourite movies and TV shows to life. With fantastic built-in features as well as plenty of connections for you to extend your entertainment options, this JVC LED TV will make a great addition to any small living room, kitchen or bedroom.

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