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NEW | Sony TOUGH SD Card: The World's TOUGHEST and FASTEST!

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The new Sony G TOUGH SD Card is the perfect partner for any type of photography: Sony.net/sfgt

Whether it is sports, wildlife and even extreme conditions, the new Sony G TOUGH SD Card is the tool you cannot miss. It is the world's TOUGHEST and FASTEST UHS-II SD Card you can find. This SD Card is 18 times stronger in bending, it is waterproof up to 72 hours in 5 meters depth (IPX8), dustproof (IP6X) and it shows the highest writing (299MB/s) and reading (300MB/s) speed. Whether you are on a 4K video shooting, a burst-shooting session or you need to speed up your workflow to meet a deadline, this UHS-II SD Card is your ideal companion.

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