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Обзор Galaxy S10, S10+ и S10e

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Все видео пользователя: Борис Козин.

Galaxy S10, S10+ и S10e: https://ali2.ru/g1AsUHKr (кликай)

Каким стал лучший по версии большинства Android-смартфон? Он стал хуже или Samsung смогла удивить? В этот раз сразу 4 версии: S10, S10+, S10e (конкурент iPhone XR) и S10 5G! Всё остальное в нашем ролике!

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Hello! Today we are looking at ... Galaxy S10! Samsung's Anniversary Galaxy, I tell you straight away - it's cool, thin, but still the usual ....

The usual best phone. In general, not so simple. It is necessary to intrigue at the beginning of the video. And one more thing! If any of you want a completely new Galaxy S10 and for free,.

You need to like this video, leave any comment, subscribe to the channel. All the rules are in the description. The results will be broadcast live on our Instagram in a couple of weeks. As soon as the smartphone starts to be sold, we will present it to one of our subscribers. And now the samsung review! The line of Samsung Galaxy S annually since 2010 presents reference flagships on Android..

Each model tries to stand out from the competition, which seems to be obvious ... In 2015, the Galaxy S6 became the first smartphone with a curved display,.

Then the first time showed an enlarged version of the S6 Plus. Then, in 2017, the company introduced a truly frameless flagship with rounded corners and no cutout in the screen - the Galaxy S8. 2019th year and Samsung need to surprise us again. Did it work out? At the conference for developers at the end of 2018, Samsung presented a series of new displays,.

One of which was named “Infinity Flex”. Folding display. And, of course, such technologies will come to us en masse within a couple of years, but the main flagship is still an non-folded model. But no one has prevented Samsung from showing a prototype of such a smartphone. Galaxy S10. This time it is available in three variations: S10, S10 Plus and S10e (competitor iPhone Xr)..

Let's start with the look. Still, at first glance, you can understand whose is this flagship. Glass, horizontal positioning of camera sensors - in S10 and S10 + triple, in S10E double..

There is no fingerprint scanner, because now it is built into the screen. (!) We have already spoken many times about scanners under glass. The technology is interesting, but it is still in beta testing and is not perfect ... it was like that until this day..

Now I responsibly declare that the Galaxy S10 is the best and fastest scanner that is under glass,.

Because it works extremely accurately. It is convenient, it is fast, while ordinary scanners are faster, but nevertheless for such technology it is super. I like it. Plus, it was interesting to see how applications behave where authorization is required through an imprint..

Railways app, for example, looks like this. What can I say: - “Samsung, well done!” One is a significant drawback: when installing a protective glass, the sensor does not work (it works with the film). On the other hand, many simply don’t need a scanner, since there is face recognition ... in the front camera that is built into the cutout in the display … In general, the display deserves special attention. It used to be almost “frameless”, and now it takes up even more surface since not only the ultrasound fingerprint scanner was built in, but also the proximity sensor..

Infinity-O technology allowed to refuse the cut-out in the screen – a round hole was placed in the upper right corner under the camera. In the case of the older version, it is already an oval, since there is a double main camera. Let's discuss the front camera. With cameras, not everything is simple. In S10e and S10 it is one - 10 MP, Dual Pixel, aperture f / 1.9..

In S10+ there is a second one at 8 megapixels, for measuring the depth of field and porter images with a f / 2.2 aperture..

See what kind of animation done! All this happens until you unlock the phone. Ie, it still works as an indicator. S10 shoots on the front camera well, two modes: wide angle or 35 mm conditional..

The camera is not bad, but much worse than the 3rd Pixel Although it is just incredibly accurate and awesome face recognition at any time of the day..

Keep in mind that this is one “eye”, and not a whole bunch of sensors like in the iPhone. Well done! Especially in comparison with S9 where face recognition worked terribly. By the standards of 2019. Display. This is not just SuperAMOLED as always, Samsung has seriously improved it: this is the first display with support for HDR 10 Plus and dynamic display of tones..

That is the official statement. This content located at Amazon Prime, YouTube or Netflix. Secondly, the color gamut has become wider by 36 percent compared to SDR. Third, the maximum brightness is increased by 14 percent compared to the previous generation to as much as 800 nits!.

Probably the brightest display among the phones. 0:04:19.980,0:04:21.960 You can use it as a flashlight. In general, after several days of use, I noticed that even on a sunny day, everything is perfectly visible. Fourth, the radiation of blue color was reduced by 41 percent, i.e. AMOLED does not bluish, and also added an automatic mode that studies your habits, looks at how you use the phone and selects the desired tone. All three models have a new display, the only difference is in size and resolution. In the S10 it is 6.1 inches, in the S10 + it is 6.4 with a resolution of QuadHD +, in the S10e it is 5.8 inches FullHD+..

19:9 aspect ratio. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 6. But if it is not enough for you, then rejoice - it comes with a protective film and a cover-case. Separately at the start of sales branded silicone and leather colored covers will be available. A lot of flowers and they are all cool. I want to highlight leather covers - they are very thin! Covers from the iPhone is not even close or near..

I can officially say - this is the best case I've ever held in my hands. Just unreal thin and pleasantly tactile..

Silicone is also good, but all in fingerprints and dust. Phone case. Below is a classic set: Type-C, speaker and mini-jack connector. Damn, 2019th, and here daddy Jack is still there. Can this be called "happiness"? The power button and the volume rocker moved to the left side, the Bixby call button on the right,.

A hybrid slot for SIM cards or a memory card at the top. Samsung, why didn't you make individual slots? The second is still MicroSD, not nanoSD, like that of Huawei. Well, right away - an important complaint has passed for so many years, and the trays are still all made of plastic sh❗t..

Look what Apple does and do it as well. This is a good idea. The case is still protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the IP68 standard. Corporate color of the entire line - mother of pearl. It is for all versions. Onyx, aquamarine and citrus - only for S10e. Black and white ceramics in a special version of the S10+ with 1TB of internal memory..

Theoretically, it will be possible to distinguish devices only by color. In terms of marketing, the decision is competent!.

Battery. In S10e - 3100 mAh, in S10 only 3400 mAh, but in S10 + 4100 mAh..

In fact, the volume has increased in comparison with S9. But you do not need to be a genius to understand that the S10 will discharge the fastest. The new display is unlikely to use less charge..

Although not without artificial intelligence. The manufacturer promises that the AI ​​analyzes the use of applications, closing unnecessary and automatically switching the device to power saving mode. So if your application crashed then this is the fault of the AI. As for charging methods. In addition to the usual wired via Type-C, wireless 12-watt is supported. In addition, reversible wireless charging is available, that is, you can charge other smartphones from the S10. Together with the new flagships, the Korean company introduced a range of accessories. The first is a new station for wireless charging. 0:07:09.000,0:07:12.180 You can charge your phone and watch, or two phones at once..

Stand with Fast Charge 2.0, the second with the first generation of charging. It looks cool, it collects less dust than previous generations, but, damn ... active cooling has not gone away..

And I know that it hurts, because If this thing is in the bedroom, then because of the noise you can not sleep normally..

We know this by bitter experience. Especially among Samsung products. The next accessory is an external battery for 10 thousand mAh with Type-C and also the possibility of wireless charging..

There are many of them on the market, and this one was not surprised. In order for the phone to start charging by Qi, you need to press a button (the Koreans did not invent something of their own.).

And the most important thing is that Type-C works only at the input, for charging the powerbank ... and this is somehow completely out of date, guys. Again to S10: As a processor for the European market, all models use a branded eight-core Exynos 9820..

RAM: 6 GB in the younger, 8 GB in the middle and 8 or 12 GB in the older version..

The latter option is available only in a special model in a ceramic case with 1 TB of internal memory..

For the rest, the amount of memory is one - 128 GB. You can expand the cards up to 512 GB. That is, in a limited edition of the total, you can get 1.5 TB of internal memory! One question is why? Well. Let it be..

Sounds great. As for the versions for China and the USA, there will be a Snapdragon 855..

Most likely, it will work better than Exynos, although the models with Qualcomm have disadvantages..

About this we need to make a whole video, we will discuss it again when we do a full review on this S10 and S10+. The performance of the device. S10 is gaining 326,000 points in AnTuTu and 4500 and 10,500 in GeekBench 4..

Let me remind you, this is the usual S10. What will be in the version with the 12th GB of RAM? Jesus… In general, the indicator is like the Apple A12. As you understand, the device is very powerful, there should be no problems in games, but I haven’t yet checked the phone for throttling, because it's still a pre-sale sample, and the system sometimes works with glitches. It happens, they will fix it. Right? By the way, only standard applications are optimized for the cut-out; for third-parties, not everything looks so beautiful..

As for the software - out of the box, the S10 works on an Android Pie with the proprietary One UI shell..

It is worthwhile to talk about it later in more detail, since the company made significant improvements in the shell,.

Making it more minimalistic and much more convenient. I was really pleased ... New icons, the new interface as a whole, but the main feature is that all elements are located at the bottom of the screen.

To make it easier to use. And this is really true! You can also swap buttons or turn on gestures. When you first turned on the phone there were very few applications. What is surprising and pleasant ... Oh yeah, the new Selfiemoji … This is how Selfiemoji works … Compared to Apple, everything is bad here ... At the same time listen to the microphone in S10. Well, in general, in one of the videos we asked you "if you want a review on One UI, put likes. Not scored last time. Let's try again - "60 thousand likes and we will review." Go!.

Another question is communication. Samsung never saved on communication installing the best antennas, which probably were extremely powerful. And now Wi-Fi is 20% faster because they support the new 802.11ax standard (instead of 802.11ac),.

Now it's called Wi-Fi 6 (ac was 5, and this 6.).

There is also support for MU-MIMO technology, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G is not specifically in this version, it may be in some other version..

I have no exact information. LTE has become faster, now supports download speeds of up to 2 Gbps..

Now let's talk about the sound, it is worthwhile to dwell on this, because Dolby Atmos 3D is here..

It's loud enough, and it's stereo! Let's compare with the iPhone XS Max. First playing the iPhone,.

Now Samsung..

What can I say? The sound is really different, but it is good for both phones. I would say that Samsung is more succinct, the iPhone is somehow wider, but overall a great sound. Probably Samsung for the first time at the level of the iPhone. It was the way Backstreet Boys DNA album, I highly recommend it! Finally, we left the most interesting thing - the camera. Let's start with the simplest model. S10e is equipped with a main dual camera: the first module is a wide-angle resolution of 16 megapixels and a f / 2.2 aperture; the second is the main variable-diaphragm sensor (from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4), optical stabilization, support for Dual Pixel with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The S10 and S10 Plus have the same cameras, but there is a third telephoto lens with optical stabilization, a resolution of 12 megapixels and a f / 2.4 aperture..

Such a set of cameras allows you to take pictures with a wide 123-degree angle, zoom in twice, shoot video with stabilization comparable to action cameras. Artificial intelligence is not forgotten: added various scenes of recognition and night mode. Super slow videos can now be edited and their recording time in HD resolution is doubled. A Bixby assistant in cameras learned to recognize things faster and buy them on Yandex.Market. Samsung has worked hard on cameras, and this is, if not the best camera on the market, then exactly one of them..

At least, at first impression. Compare photos: iPhone XS, Pixel 3 and S10. And now at night. Even here, the S10 is slightly better than the Pixel. And this is awesome!.

Well, here's another: one-two-three. In any case, in the full review we will discuss in more detail and understand for sure - is the camera better than in Pixel?.

What about prices? In Russia, retailers and operators will have the entire S10 line, prices may be different, for sure they will change, but it all starts with these numbers: S10 68,990 rubles ($ 1050), S10+ 76,999 rubles ($ 1150),.

And the competitor iPhone Xr - S10e 56 990 rubles ($ 850),.

The price is not budget, but not more than the iPhone. In addition, there are gifts, it's nice that all operators for pre-order will give new headphones Galaxy Buds..

But the coolest gifts will be in the MTS: these are the very same Galaxy Buds, which cost 9,900 rubles ($ 130) separately,.

In the application "MTS Cashback" there will be a cashback up to 4000 rubles ($ 60) depending on the phone, which is valid for subscribers of all operators. This money can be spent on payment of communication services or on the purchase of goods in the MTS store..

Next, a 10% discount on Samsung branded accessories. Wireless charging, Galaxy Watch, cases and so on. Trade-in discount. You can exchange the smartphone Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Honor and get a discount on the S10..

First of all, this recommendation, so do not write a "commercial with loot boxes" and if you take the phone, it is better to use the MTS in my opinion,.

Because there are the best gifts there. But do not forget that it is not a “РСТ” device, i.e. those that you take from abroad will have some problems:.

Non-localized firmware and shell, the absence of Samsung Pay for Russia and so on. Perhaps we will tell about it in a separate video. Link in the description. As for the 1TB version, it will appear on sale a little later, and the price for it is unknown, but in Russia with a probability of 99% percent it will be. Well, the 5G version remains: it is not clear whether it will be in Russia. It looks even cooler, by the way, there are already four cameras behind it, but we will talk about it in the future..

Samsung could already be commended this year, because I’m not afraid of this word, they’ve got the perfect smartphone: no dumb cuts, only cameras in the corner, 0:14:59.720,0:15:03.380 a top display, as bright as possible;.

I do not know what is brighter in the market among mobile devices; the stereo sound is excellent, they left a mini-jack, an enlarged battery, the shell was reworked, they made a 1TB version for the nerds. In general, the company did everything to make everyone like the smartphone. Well, look at the smartphone ... it turned out the perfect flagship. From all sides! Of course this is the first impression, I use it for several days. Some delight is present, definitely, we will look at what's next, because - autonomy, cameras, clogging up the system, which is very important for Samsung,.

Is comparable to Snapdragon, because Exynos is installed here ... But at first glance it turned out super! And so that you do not think that this is an advertisement, I will note that the grid from the dynamics from below is ugly, the elements are arranged asymmetrically, this is bad. And everything else is fine! How do you like my new sneakers? I remind you about the contest: comment, like, subscription. THAT'S ALL..

So let's! do it🌚

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