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Sony W706/ W705 KDL 32W706 TV Review

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Read the full in-depth review http://www.avforums.com/review/sony-w706-w705-kdl-32w706-led-lcd-tv-full-hd-television-review.10458

If you don’t like a silver bezel, then the W706 isn’t the television you’ve been looking for. Thankfully, Sony knows not everyone does and provides the otherwise identical W705 in a more restrained black colour scheme. You get a superb set of connections for a 32-inch TV, with just about everything you could hope for, and there’s a set of reasonably decent speakers contained in the relatively portly back panel. At over 6cm deep, this isn’t necessarily the best choice for wall-mounting and besides, we think the minimalist base-stand is rather attractive.

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