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It's not UHD, it's SUHD: Samsung kicks 4K TV up a notch with new lineup for 2015 - CES 2015

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Samsung is serious with a capital 'S' when it comes to its 2015 4K lineup. Dubbed SUHD, Samsung's best efforts for 2015 bring quantum dot technology for better color and brightness, an entirely new aesthetic, and an overhauled smart TV/user interface based on the Tizen operating system.

Series breakdown

Samsung's premium SUHD line comprises three series with nine screen sizes ranging from 48-inches all the way up to 88-inches. As is typical for CES announcements, prices and availability are not disclosed as yet. The top-tier JS9500 features full-array LED backlights with local dimming and a chamfer bezel (essentially a beveled bezel, which is way more fun to say). The JS9000 models, all of which are curved, feature a Shirring design on the back, lending a soft, textured feel to the back of the TV.


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