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Samsung KS8500 SUHD TV Review: An Investment for the Future

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Samsung KS8500 SUHD TV Review: An Investment for the Future

With 4K content becoming more readily available, the time to buy a 4K TV may finally be upon us. But the new format is still a long way from becoming the standard, especially in the wild world of cable television, meaning that any 4K TV bought in 2016 is still primarily an investment for the future.

It's daunting to pick any consumer electronic device, let alone one that may not live up to its full potential for years. Like most OEMs, Samsung wants consumers to buy into its ecosystem for the coming television revolution. With its latest 8 Series TVs, like KS8500 I spent the last month testing, it's making one hell of a convincing argument. At $1400 for the 55-inch model, though, it is a serious investment for most people and thus the ultimate question becomes: is it worth it?

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